Monday, September 2, 2013

Book Review - Truth, Integrity, Courage, Love - 4 Powerful Words that Changed My Life

There is a lot energy squeezed into this little package. 

Truth, Integrity, Courage, Love

Energy that builds through discovery, enlightenment, healing, nurturing, and a certain amount of self actualization. The author has a story to tell, through personal experience, that takes the reader quickly through reminiscence of a difficult childhood, confusing adolescence, strained relationships, and ultimately a place of healing and growth.  

Over the course of many struggles and hurtful relationships an epiphany manifested itself in a "What if?" moment.  LaGina learned about the concept of pre-birth planning and attributed this to "some of the healing lessons that I have been able to experience".  This led her to place these life difficulties in a healing perspective and look at disappointments and obstacles as learning experiences, and this life's elements to overcome and become stronger.

The author talks about the accumulation and coalescence of the spirit guides, manifesting themselves as the "Grandmothers", who helped lead her from confusion, pain, and loss to understanding, acceptance, and determination to develop stability in her life and relationships.  Growing up, LaGina's normal was friends and relatives being incarcerated, coming and going, dealing with substance abuse and emotional problems.  LaGina felt alone in the world and her feelings aligned with many of the circumstances in her life.

The author has been on a journey of the development of understanding and strengthening of wisdom.  Over the years and through spirit guide intervention, four guiding principles were developed and incorporated in LaGina's growth, healing, and life's work.  LaGina's life experience has shaped her ethics, morals, and integrity and led her to develop the essential principles of her life's purpose; Truth, Integrity, Courage, and Love.

Applying these truths to her life has led to LaGina to view painful relationships and how she approaches obstacles, not as painful, not as a victim, but as opportunities to grow, become stronger, and heal.  This also led to the concept of the TICL Effect, a set of guiding principles that "when accessed properly, can yield amazing, life-transforming  results."  In the author's words, "The TICL Effect has impacted my thinking mind, body, and relationships, especially with myself.  The TICL Effect changed how I choose to be in the world."

LaGina Glass started her career in corporate America as a Human Resources executive, ran her own businesses, and practiced as an Energy Healer and Coach. When discovering her life's purpose, she developed and founded the T.I.C.L. Institute where self-sustaining techniques for empowerment, using the TICL Effect, are used to assist individuals and families.

The reviewer finds the author's thesis and supporting evidence compelling, as she develops each element of her philosophies and principles and draws correlation to personal life experience.  The author's voice, whether as young LaGina, adolescent LaGina, or empowered adult LaGina has strength and purpose that draws convincing feelings of trust and credibility in the reader.

LaGina's writing style is crisp and clear.  Images and feelings in the introductory section of the text are lucid and with depth, bringing the reader into the author's home, relationships, and life of seeming instability.  Her writing style is efficient and allows the reader to rapidly move from one experience to another.

Now after reading and ruminating on LaGina Glass' life experience, life purpose, philosophical formulation, and commitment to growth and mentor-ship, I am struck by the shortcomings of this text and where LaGina's work falls short. There's got to be more to the story!  I picked-up this powerful book and did not put it down.  I want more!  LaGina has an opportunity to follow this strong maiden release with further development and explanation of the TICL Effect and where LaGina and the T.I.C.L. Institute have impacted other's life experience.  LaGina Glass, don't let us down, there must be more to the story.

Is "Truth, Integrity, Courage, Love - 4 Powerful Words that Changed My Life" a must read?  Yes, if you want to get into the mind and experience of a spiritual being trying to make sense of this world and coming out of chaos with a philosophy, purpose and mission to help others find peace and acceptance in their relationships (including the relationship with one's self).  If you are like me, let LaGina Glass know that there must be an expanded version of "Truth, Integrity, Courage, Love - 4 Powerful Words that Changed My Life" or a volume 2.

Read the book and then visit LaGina at and encourage her to keep working and keep writing.  Or contact LaGina here.

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